Morg the Kitapelet

This is a character from my new book, Famlaer A New Beginning. At least, that is the title for now. I am hoping to have it published by the fall.

This is a Kitapelet, better known as the mind reader/communicator. This is a small exert from the book that describes what a Kitapelet is.

He yelled again, telling us to get out of there. Rio and Stew looked at each other and wondered how it was that they could understand this little creature and how they were able to hear him being that he was so small. The closer he got, the more they realized he wasn’t speaking at all because his mouth wasn’t moving, but they could hear him in their heads.

Rio took a chance and confronted him through her thoughts. How is it we can hear you, and why can I understand you? He finally landed on a branch near where they were all gathered at the edge of the forest.

He spoke in a perfect Scottish accent to Rio and said, through thought, “My name is Morg, and I am a Kitapelet. We can converse with anyone from anywhere. Although I must admit, we don’t get a lot of visitors coming through here, and I have never thought in this language before. Who are you, and why are you here?” 


Oil Pastels

For this month, I decided to post some oil pastels that were originally created for a cafe in Victoria, BC. They were copied and used for signage, stationary and the logo. When I discovered them once again, I thought they would be ideal for an upcoming showing of my art at Centre Stage in New Minas, NS, in October of this year. I am very excited about this opportunity.


I used an artist’s wooden panels, 12″ x 12″ for the larger pieces and 8″ x 8″ for the smaller pieces for the frame. Each panel has a 3mm quality poplar wood board and a solid pine wood frame. I used acrylic paint on the background to match the oil pastels and moulding on the four larger pieces. Select each picture to enlarge it. 

See you next month.

Artist of the Month

I discovered a new artist when a Facebook friend posted a piece of her work. I fell in love and just had to feature Jessilyn Park on my blog this month.

Jessilyn currently resides in Orlando, Florida and until two years ago she had never done any painting, artistically speaking anyway. When Jessilyn picked up a paint brush for the first time she discovered a great creative talent. She paints with bright, beautiful colours using broad brush strokes and her works are in great demand. You be the judge. Here are just a few samples of her work. If you’d like to read more about Jessilyn or see more paintings visit Jessilyn Park Art Studio Facebook page or the official web site Jessilyn Park Art Studio.
Click the photos for larger view.


Canadian Artist of the Month…Theresa Young

This month I have chosen a very different type of artist. Her name is Theresa Young. She seems to combine two different styles using realistic yet very contemporary, with vibrant colours and an ethereal feeling.  I love the flow of her lines and the beautiful detail of the end results. In the samples I’ve chosen you will also see some black and white pieces that I love for their intricate lines and realistic faces. But enough about how I feel, here is a short bio of the artist.

Theresa Young started painted in oils at the age of eight and sold pastel and charcoal portraits from the age of fourteen.  She later took private art lessons with two professional artists on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  These lessons resulted in her  mature style which integrated both approaches into itself in different ways.  Other artists that influenced Theresa are H.R. Giger, Salvador Dali and Gervasio Gallardo.

For a more in-depth bio and more fabulous pieces of art visit Theresa’s website

Here are just a few samples of her work. Enjoy!

Canadian Artist of the Month…Erica Messing

This month’s artist was recommended to me by a friend. She lives right here in my home town of Victoria, BC.  I love the way she mixes her colours so that the rocks are blue instead of grey and how everything has a vibrance to it even the most stormy pieces. Here is a little bit about the artist.

Erica is  mostly self-taught; aside from a very informative couple of years in Jean Bachynski’s art classes in high school in Winnipeg, her art instruction consisted of absorbing whatever she could from her  talented and educated sisters, and from obsessively reading books and attending workshops.

Erica has dabbled in different painting media (watercolours, oils, ink), but loves acrylics for their versatility and the vibrant colours and textures which she uses to their full extent. If you would like to know more about Erica and view more art work, visit her website

Here are  just a few samples of paintings by Erica Messing.