Arts & Crafts Challenge – Revisited

In case you haven’t seen my videos stating my challenge to all you artists and crafters out there, this is my 4th video letting you know all about it. I started this particular project after seeing a small model of a table that my husband made for his workshop. I loved it so much that I was going to start my own project with it. It turned out that his table was just a bit too big for me to work with, so I made a smaller table, and that is how my latest project began. You can watch my latest video on my YouTube channel, robin birdbrain’s channel.

I hope to see what you have done, making something from only what you already have. Have fun and see you again soon. 

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About head birdbrain

Robin Hindle is an artist and a retired graphic designer living in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been an artist for more than thirty years and was a graphic designer for twenty-five years. Now, at the age of sixty-three, Robin is adding writer to her list of accomplishments. She has written and illustrated her first book called Famlaer-The real faeryland.

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