Egnuf – The Mushroom Faery

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Egnuf – The Mushroom Faery

Yeneb Shroom
Yimij Shroom

This is just one of the faeries you’ll see in Famlaer – The real faeryland, my new illustrated book. I hope you enjoy and visit Amazon to get your copy of my book in paperback or digital.

More commonly known as Shrooms in Faeryland. These little guys love mushrooms. Their village which is called Egnumlaer has every variety of mushroom you can imagine. They pick edible mushrooms every day to add to meals, the rest are just there to look at and have fun with. Some of the mushrooms are considered to be shroom helpers. They have a face and can talk. The faeries will sit on top of them and have little chats. They are called Sugnufs. The only thing is, the Snugnuf is stationary like a typical mushroom so the shrooms must always go to them for play time.
Mushroom faeries are always created in sets of two. The shrooms shown in the illustrations are named Yeneb and Yimij. They look identical until you look a little closer and notice that the eyes and wings are different colours.

Visit Amazon to buy Famlaer – The real faeryland in paperback or digital (the paperback available on and read about the rest of the faeries and their home.

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Robin Hindle is an artist and a retired graphic designer living in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been an artist for more than thirty years and was a graphic designer for twenty-five years. Now, at the age of sixty-three, Robin is adding writer to her list of accomplishments. She has written and illustrated her first book called Famlaer-The real faeryland.

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