Famlaer 2 – Published

It has taken a little over four years to complete the second book in the Famlaer series, but Famlaer 2 – A New Beginning in an Old Land has been published. You can order it from Amazon in digital (Kindle) or paperback. 

Famlaer 2 – A New Beginning in an Old Land

Faeries have been in the world for hundreds of thousands of years. Famlaer is the very first faeryland, located in a remote part of the world. No human had ever been there, until it was discovered by Riohan Hamilton while travelling the world. Finding the first fairy was quite the experience. She was quite hesitant at first, but once she realized Rio wasn’t a threat, they got along fine. A few years after her visit with the faeries she was sitting in her backyard, when a Traefotolp (Garden Faery) with devastating news about Famlaer. Rio, without hesitation, hopped a plane, Pansy with her, to go help Famlaer. Famlaer is in danger of being demolished, but with a little help, they will go on an adventure. First, they must let Rio know they are in trouble and then find a suitable location for their new home. Their journey takes a few twists and turns, meeting up with unknown entities and some not-so-nice creatures. Not all of the Famlaer faeries on this journey are happy about leaving the only home they have ever known and do not want the help of a human. Enorial, the queen, must keep her subjects safe on this long journey with the help of her high-ranking fae, Grungi, Lupin, Rotark and Wonk. 
Join Famlaer on their journey to a new world.



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About head birdbrain

Robin Hindle is an artist and a retired graphic designer living in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been an artist for more than thirty years and was a graphic designer for twenty-five years. Now, at the age of sixty-three, Robin is adding writer to her list of accomplishments. She has written and illustrated her first book called Famlaer-The real faeryland.

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