Canadian Photographer of the Month

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This month I am featuring Sophie Photo, a talented photographer in Victoria, BC. Well actually two people, Sophie and Rob. But for this post I will be talking about Sophie Lecavalier.
Sophie contacted me to do a remake on her logo. When I went to her site I really liked what I saw so I said yes to the logo remake and I enjoyed Sophie’s work so much that I decided I’d like to feature her on my blog this month.
Here is a small portion of her bio. You can see the rest on her site at .
Sophie has been passionate about photography for 20 years now and with the advent of the digital age this passion only increases each day.
Over the past 20 years she has taken courses, self-study and continually updated her skills. She has perfected her practical and technical abilities so her camera is an extension of herself. She can concentrate on the emotions and connections that make the difference between a good picture and a great one. She now offers that experience to your family or business.
One of Sophie’s latest passions in her photography is doing Glamour photo shoots. Although there are not very many in her portfolio yet, I can see already that she’s already doing a fantastic job.
Here are a few samples of Sophie’s photography. To see more please visit her website .

Canadian Photographer of the Month, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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