Canadian Photographer of the Month…Patrick Rochon

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As well as having Artist of the Month I have now decided to feature a Photographer each month.

This month I’ve chosen Patrick Rochon. I picked him because of the unique way he uses light in his photographs. I don’t think I’ll try to explain what he does myself, instead you can read this short bio of Patrick.

Patrick is an award-winning Light Painting photographer with over 19 years of experience. First prize winner at the Nikon photo contest in Japan, Patrick has done Light Painting photography for various fashion and rock magazines, CD jackets, DVDs, posters, internet and other promotion materials. Clients also include Toyota and Honda. Born in Montreal, Canada, Patrick has lived mainly in Tokyo, New York and Paris for 15 years.

“My medium is LIGHT (moving lights) trough various media.I mainly use photography and video to capture the movement I create with lights. I started light-painting, combine with photography doing long exposure in the dark, in 1992. In 1999 I started creating videos and performances with lights. Then with friends we created a multimedia group and we built costumes of lights. Using video feedback, we performed by ”light-painting” on a giant screen creating a new visual experience.” -PR

Here are just a few of his amazing photographs. For more check out his website