Photography is Therapy

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First I’d just like to say I’ve reached another milestone in visitors reaching over 30,000. Yeah!!

Now for this post I thought I’d show some of my photographs again. As I mentioned before, I am not a professional photographer but I love taking pictures. It’s so easy to just get lost in so many little moments while searching for the right angle or the perfect light. It truly is therapy for the soul.

I have this real love/hate thing going on with bugs. The creepier or more colourful they are the more I want to photograph them, then all I want to do is step on them (not that I always do). The first set of photos is mainly creepy crawlies with a couple of other close-ups.

This second set are just photos that I really like. I always look for strange or weird things to take pictures of as well, like a rotten banana with maggots or a deformed tree trunk. In any case I do hope you enjoy viewing my photographs. I know I loved taking them.


Canadian Photographer of the Month – Robin Hindle

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OK, so I’m not a professional photographer but I have had many jobs taking photos for pay over the past 30 years. I mainly took photos of show suites and building sites for real estate developments and product photography for an electrical wholesaler to use in the catalogues that I designed. I also did a few weddings in my younger days of photography.

My passion though has always been close-up or macro photography. I had a 35mm camera with a few lenses including a nice macro lens, but it broke. I now have a new digital back for my old lenses and have started taking  photos again. So I thought I’d share with you some of the close-up/macro photos that I have taken lately. It’s been quite a while since using these lenses and I’m still learning  about the new body but I think these are some of my best photos.I hope you enjoy them.