Photoshop Paintings Two

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For this post I have worked on a couple more Photoshop paintings. I love starting with a blank page and then just adding colour, paint strokes, layer effects, a photograph, 3D, filter effects and imagination. It’s like magic when the final piece is staring you in the face. These projects can take 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on how complicated you want to make it or how imaginative you have at the time. I love it. It’s almost like therapy. Here are two pieces I just completed.

For the project on the right I chose a base colour of burgundy and worked from there. If you want to try to make something like this yourself, I’ve put together a short description of how it was done. Of course while going through it you could change the base colour to what ever tickles your fancy and use different brushes and so on. I’m sure you’ll come up with something just as beautiful as this. Start with opening Photoshop to a new canvas. I made mine letter size, it makes it easier for printing since most papers come in that size. Here is how I did the rest:


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