Once Upon a Time

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I have decided to illustrate & write a fairy book. I have a loose story line and have started the drawings and even started working on the style of painting I’m going to use for each illustration. But today I’m going to work on something equally as important as the former parts. When doing this type of project you have to decide on what kind of feel you want to show through the use of fonts. I would like to share with you my process in choosing these fonts.

First I go through hundreds of fonts on my computer, cd’s & the internet. I take one phrase from what I am working on and type it out in Illustrator (you can use whatever program suits you) then start applying different fonts. Here is what I finally came up with.
Next I take these fonts and play around with them, combining different styles, choosing colours for the font and the background. All in all, for me this can take up an entire day. Here is what I came up with.

I know I will go over these again and again until I make them exactly what I want but this is a good start.

This could be a fun project for you. Take a poem or a phrase you really like, search out fonts, choose the font or fonts you want to use, then arrange them how you want to and make a book mark or something you can frame and put on the wall. Have fun with it. I know I do every time I am given the challenge.