My Old Fashioned Christmas Card Design

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old_fashioned_christmas_card05I love making greeting cards. My favourite type to design is a Birthday card because it’s so personal and the second is the Christmas card because I can share my work with more than just one person. This year I decided to design an old-fashioned Christmas Card and I’m going to share with you the process of how I did it.I started by going on-line to view what the older cards looked like, then I started sketching out a few things. I decided to make this similar to the way I did my fairy queen by making a pencil drawing then scanning it and colouring it in Photoshop. I ended up with the final drawing seen in the samples below.

Next I tweaked the drawing to define the lines a bit more, added the colour, made a background to enhance the drawing the lastly added the text for the front of the card.
I then chose a cream coloured ready-made printable card with a glossy cream border on the front and placed my design in the center of that border. Voilà! Old fashioned looking greeting card.

Below are the samples from drawing to photos of the finished product. For those of you who haven’t received my card yet, sorry for the spoiler.