My Fairy Story…The Beginning

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For my post this month I’ve produced some samples of the type of art work I’d like to use for the fairy book I am going to write. I’d like to make the book mainly illustration with short story bits to explain each illustration. I don’t have a complete story yet, but I have many of the characters created and drawn already.

For the last couple of months I’ve been drawing the same scene and using different mediums to see which one I should continue to produce for the entire book. I was hoping I could get a little help from my friends and get your opinions. You’ll notice that not every scene is exactly the same. I was also experimenting with different ways to make the final scene for the bubble fairy. And before you say he doesn’t have wings he can’t be a fairy, this is a different kind of fairy book and you’ll see in the end why I call him the bubble fairy. Who knows, maybe I’ll add wings in the end.

So here they are the 4 scenes in the mediums I thought worked best. Let me know which illustration you think would be best in my fairy book.