New Business Card Templates

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First I want to start this off with the business cards I designed to go with the logos from my last post. As with the logos each card follows a different path. The DBW Contracting stays with the classic simple style and the Island Movie Nights is a little more on the flashy side.

imn_businesscard_final                dbw_businesscard_final


I have also designed a few stationery packages each of which includes a business card template, a letterhead template & a standard #10 envelope template. The styles vary from simple to artsy. I’m only going to add a couple of samples today, but I will hopefully be adding the templates to my site to sell as an Indesign file or to make the cards for you myself to send off to the printer. Here are a few samples. What would look best for your business?



Something to Add to My Portfolio

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He everyone. I know it’s been a while but I thought I’d share with you two new logos and business cards I designed in the last few weeks. These were two jobs totally opposite to one another. One being very classic lines and the other very flashy.

The first on is for a contracting company and I thought it should stay fairly clean in design. Here are a few samples shown to the client.


As you may have noticed, I am showing two samples per idea. The client has a dark grey truck and I thought it would be good to show  the logo  on a dark colour so he could visualize how it might look on his truck. After seeing these samples the client had a few more requests and I came up with the final logo for DBW Contracting and here it is.


For the second logo (same client, different business) I went for a more flashy concept for the logo. The business is Island Movie Nights, which is a portable movie screen that is hired out for parties and events for outdoor movie events. I had an idea in mind for this one before I even finished my meeting with the client. Here are the samples.


As you can see in the first two samples I went for a little splash and colour and in the second two for something that evokes the feeling of movies or movie making. Again after the client mulled over these samples, this is what was decided on for the final logo.


Now I will be adding these logos to my portfolio. I have to say the Island Movie Nights was the most fun to make. I can’t wait to see it on the side of the truck.

For my next blog I will show what was decided on for the business cards for both companies.

Until next time. Be creative!



My Old Fashioned Christmas Card Design

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old_fashioned_christmas_card05I love making greeting cards. My favourite type to design is a Birthday card because it’s so personal and the second is the Christmas card because I can share my work with more than just one person. This year I decided to design an old-fashioned Christmas Card and I’m going to share with you the process of how I did it.I started by going on-line to view what the older cards looked like, then I started sketching out a few things. I decided to make this similar to the way I did my fairy queen by making a pencil drawing then scanning it and colouring it in Photoshop. I ended up with the final drawing seen in the samples below.

Next I tweaked the drawing to define the lines a bit more, added the colour, made a background to enhance the drawing the lastly added the text for the front of the card.
I then chose a cream coloured ready-made printable card with a glossy cream border on the front and placed my design in the center of that border. Voilà! Old fashioned looking greeting card.

Below are the samples from drawing to photos of the finished product. For those of you who haven’t received my card yet, sorry for the spoiler.



Fairy Book in Progress

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You’ll remember that I had several different methods that I was looking at for the art work to be used in my new fairy book; well I have finally decided how I want to proceed. I started with my usual pencil drawing, but instead of re-drawing it on to a canvas or water-colour paper I scanned it into the computer and started adding colour using Photoshop. For me it showed the best results for what I imagined this book to look like.

Here are samples of how I did this and what a two page spread will look like.The first photo is of the drawing without anything done to it. In the second one I’ve used levels in Photoshop to bring out the contrast a bit. The colour is added to the next one and the last is with the border and background colours as well as the description page with the lower flowers added for the text to fall between and the fairy wings on either side of the heading.

There is still a ton of work to be done on the project and I will probably make changes to backgrounds and maybe even colours but this is the general layout. Also I just want to mention that the words on the page are not necessarily how it will be in the final. I just thought it up while I was putting the page together. My process will be to draw all of the characters and scenes first then add the story to each illustration.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to know.


Greeting Cards

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I love making greeting cards. I’ve been making them for a very long time now. My favorites to make are Birthday cards because you can make them a little more personal than a Christmas, Easter or other seasonal cards.

I want to share with you the last card I made because it is one of my faves to date. I wish I had documented the whole process, but I didn’t so I’ll just describe to you how I made it. I started with a rough sketch, then a proper drawing. Next I scanned it into the computer and the drawing was tweaked and manipulated a little more in Photoshop. I painted on the colour next using the Photoshop water-colour brush and when I was satisfied with what I had done it was added to Indesign to make the final layout for inside and outside of the card. I proceeded to print out the card once then just the front a second time. I cut and scored the card to the size I wanted. The second printout was used to cut out certain portions to be taped to the front using double-sided tape at different thicknesses. The paper I used was a water-colour paper for digital printing.  Here is the final result.