Canadian Artist of the Month…Erica Messing

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This month’s artist was recommended to me by a friend. She lives right here in my home town of Victoria, BC.  I love the way she mixes her colours so that the rocks are blue instead of grey and how everything has a vibrance to it even the most stormy pieces. Here is a little bit about the artist.

Erica is  mostly self-taught; aside from a very informative couple of years in Jean Bachynski’s art classes in high school in Winnipeg, her art instruction consisted of absorbing whatever she could from her  talented and educated sisters, and from obsessively reading books and attending workshops.

Erica has dabbled in different painting media (watercolours, oils, ink), but loves acrylics for their versatility and the vibrant colours and textures which she uses to their full extent. If you would like to know more about Erica and view more art work, visit her website

Here are  just a few samples of paintings by Erica Messing.



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