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He everyone. I know it’s been a while but I thought I’d share with you two new logos and business cards I designed in the last few weeks. These were two jobs totally opposite to one another. One being very classic lines and the other very flashy.

The first on is for a contracting company and I thought it should stay fairly clean in design. Here are a few samples shown to the client.


As you may have noticed, I am showing two samples per idea. The client has a dark grey truck and I thought it would be good to show  the logo  on a dark colour so he could visualize how it might look on his truck. After seeing these samples the client had a few more requests and I came up with the final logo for DBW Contracting and here it is.


For the second logo (same client, different business) I went for a more flashy concept for the logo. The business is Island Movie Nights, which is a portable movie screen that is hired out for parties and events for outdoor movie events. I had an idea in mind for this one before I even finished my meeting with the client. Here are the samples.


As you can see in the first two samples I went for a little splash and colour and in the second two for something that evokes the feeling of movies or movie making. Again after the client mulled over these samples, this is what was decided on for the final logo.


Now I will be adding these logos to my portfolio. I have to say the Island Movie Nights was the most fun to make. I can’t wait to see it on the side of the truck.

For my next blog I will show what was decided on for the business cards for both companies.

Until next time. Be creative!


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Robin Hindle is an artist and a retired graphic designer living in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been an artist for more than thirty years and was a graphic designer for twenty-five years. Now, at the age of sixty-three, Robin is adding writer to her list of accomplishments. She has written and illustrated her first book called Famlaer-The real faeryland.

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  1. Trish says:

    Great job Robin! The movie logo is really fun!

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