Illustrator/Photoshop Art

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For this post I’m going to show you what can be created working between Illustrator & Photoshop. This all started with opening Illustrator and realizing how much I don’t know about certain tools provided in Illustrator CS6.  I decided to play with the Mesh Tool. Below is a bit of an explanation of what this tool is and what you can do with it.

[A mesh object is a multicolored object on which colors can flow in different directions and transition smoothly from one point to another. When you create a mesh object, multiple lines called mesh lines crisscross the object and provide a way to easily manipulate color transitions on the object. By moving and editing points on the mesh lines, you can change the intensity of a color shift, or change the extent of a colored area on the object], from Illustrator Help / Meshes web page. I don’t want to bore you by having the entire explanation in this post so for more information go to ( It’s worth reading the whole thing if you want to use this tool.

For the first project I started by drawing a rectangle with, what else but the rectangle tool, choosing a very vibrant pink fill. From there I just started adding points of colour and manoeuvring some of the points around until suddenly it looked like a bird with its beak facing towards the ground.  I decided to add an eye by drawing an oval with the ellipse tool, adding points with the mesh tool for the shading and highlighting, then added another oval for the eye-ball. Next I exported it as a PSD (although in this case it probably wasn’t necessary because I only used 1 layer whereas in future endeavours I used more than one layer and was able to work on each layer individually in Photoshop).  Next I played with a few filters in   Photoshop and finally decided on the Alien Skin Snap Art filter – Impasto paint. I quite like this paint filter and used it for a few other projects in this post. And there you have it, a Photoshop image that looks like a painting of a bird, or maybe you see something else. Let me know what you think it looks like.

I will give a short description of each project with the pictures I add. Enjoy.

This next project started the same as last with a simple rectangle. Then I decided to build a cluster of daisy like flowers in a variety of sizes. Exported it into Photoshop as a PSD then applied the Impasto paint filter.

For the next project I had an idea of producing something with what looks like a face. I wanted vibrant colours in the vein of Mexican or Latin American style art. I started with a rectangle then added an oval on top to give it a framed look. And once again I used the Impasto paint filter. I just love the effects of that paint filter. I’m not sure if I totally achieved the effect I was trying for but I liked what I ended up with.

For this project I started with a square. I started using the mesh tool working from the edges mainly and started to see an image. For me it started looking like some kind of butterfly or alike. I tried to use really bright cheerful colours. This time instead of using the Impasto filter I used the Snap Art –  Watercolour filter adding a little saturation and brightness (which is in the controls of this filter). This is one of my favourites.

These last few projects I’m just going to let you enjoy them without explanation.


Fun With Photoshop

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It’s been a while but here is my latest Photoshop painting. For this project I found a pattern that tweaked my interest in Filter Forge and used it through the entire painting. I made several different shapes in a number of sizes, then added textures, shadows and reflections. I also made use of the 3D plugin that’s Photoshop CS6.

All in all it was a fun project that took several hours  of time that I should have been using doing house work. Which do you think is more interesting and fun. Hmmmm! Enjoy.

Lines, Colours & Swirls


Amazing Chalk Art!

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For this month’s post I want to show you some amazing chalk board art as well as chalk on sidewalks. I’m not going to have too many samples because there are just too many to show, but I’ll give you the web address for each of the samples I do show so you can check out these amazing artists. And for my header, this is my attempt at doing chalk art via Photoshop using images I have drawn and using pastel brushes to colour them in and putting them all together to create my little scene.

I’ve been wanting to feature this kind of art for a long time. In fact every time I go into my local pub, where they have chalk boards with martini’s or wine or whiskey bottles on them. They are so realistic and so fanciful it’s hard to believe that they are hand drawn. I’m sure that not all of these boards in restaurants are hand drawn what with the computer age the way it is but none the less there are some amazing artists out there doing it by hand.

Here are a few samples of chalk art that I quite like. Below each photo I have the web site that you can copy and paste into your search bar to see more information on each artist. Also if you just type chalkboard or chalk art into Google images you can see a myriad of photos.


Photoshop Paintings Two

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For this post I have worked on a couple more Photoshop paintings. I love starting with a blank page and then just adding colour, paint strokes, layer effects, a photograph, 3D, filter effects and imagination. It’s like magic when the final piece is staring you in the face. These projects can take 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on how complicated you want to make it or how imaginative you have at the time. I love it. It’s almost like therapy. Here are two pieces I just completed.

For the project on the right I chose a base colour of burgundy and worked from there. If you want to try to make something like this yourself, I’ve put together a short description of how it was done. Of course while going through it you could change the base colour to what ever tickles your fancy and use different brushes and so on. I’m sure you’ll come up with something just as beautiful as this. Start with opening Photoshop to a new canvas. I made mine letter size, it makes it easier for printing since most papers come in that size. Here is how I did the rest:

Fabulous 3D Illustrations by Paul Sherstobitoff

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This month I am featuring 3D Illustrations by Paul Sherstobitoff. Paul has an amazing talent for producing the most exquisite 3D art. Paul has so many beautiful images, I found it very difficult to choose just 9 images. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Here is a short bio of the artist. Paul began his career in Vancouver, BC as a commercial artist in the early 80’s. Completely self-taught in all of the ways of the airbrush, Vancouver became his stomping ground to perfect and hone his skills. From there he moved to LA where he began collaborating with his airbrush heroes on projects for the entertainment industry. After 5 years in the LA illustration market he began a career in Fine Art where he was soon represented in galleries across US and into Europe. Commissions for the City of LA, Bank of Colorado, VP Disney, Charlie Sheen, Tom Cruise, Mark and Brian, countless Music Industry Execs and Entertainment Dignitaries, etc kept him busy to a point where Paul concentrated strictly on fine art.

Whew! He was one busy guy.

From there he found himself in the world of digital 3D imagery where he has been for the last 15 years and now is back home in Vancouver where he started his journey.

Here is a link to his web site where you can see what else he’s done and also see the process of how he creates some of these images