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Well, two posts in two days. I’m on a roll. I should mention that I have deleted the first post. I’m ashamed to say that I posted the covers too soon and have changed them already. I realized that the name of the book needed to change. There are too many books out there with fairies in the main title. So here is the change. The design is the same, just the name has changed. Each image is supposed to have a number but it doesn’t seem to show, so they will go as – top left #1, top right #2, bottom left #3 and bottom right #4. Just scroll down to the reply area and tell me which one you like and why. Thank you for your support and your opinions.

Book covers

My back yard part deux.

Well I’ve been at it again. Sitting having lunch on my deck, looking out and seeing a million photographs in my mind. So I got my camera out and started snapping away. As the season carries on so does nature. There are new blossoms and back yard furniture moved around from place to place because the lawn had to be mowed. Here are just a few of the photos I took today. Enjoy!


Backyard Nature

Nature Photography
by robin hindle

Today was a cool cloudy day and in spite of that I decided to have coffee on the deck. As I sat there I noticed how beautiful everything looked. There were birds, squirrels, green grass and beautiful flowers. So I took my camera and started taking pictures. I used my Nikon D5100 with the AF Nikor 80-200 zoom lens. Everywhere I looked was like magic. So serene and peaceful and yet activity all around with wood peckers, blue jays, humming birds, nuthatch and squirrels. Well just one squirrel of whom is named Earl. Yes I name all the animals that come into my yard. Earl the squirrel, jay the blue jay, woody the wood pecker although there are two different wood peckers, one is a downy and the other a hairy. Also the northern flicker (Flick for short) is also of the wood pecker family. One of which came for a visit but I didn’t get a photo. Hummy the humming bird, and last but not least the Nuthatch of which I have yet to think of a name. Most of the photos are taken from my deck except for the flowers. The lilacs are finally in full bloom after such a cool spring and the lupin are just coming into bloom now.

So here are a few pictures of my backyard nature. Some of the photos are a tad blurry but lovely creatures just the same. If you want to see the info on each photo press the “i” at the bottom of the image. Enjoy.

On another note, I am thinking of once again featuring artists and photographers. Preferably Canadian or local Nova Scotian. If you know of anyone whose art you would like to see promoted let me know and I’ll contact them and get the ball rolling. I will feature one artist and one photographer a month. So please send me your picks on who you would like to see for my next feature.


Nineteen Sixty Three–A Good Read

For this post I’m going to promote something a little different. Rather than featuring an artist of the graphic kind, I am promoting a writer. I will be right up front with you, this writer happens to by my husband.

Author of Nineteen Sixty Three

His name is A. James Hindle and this is his first novel. Jim as he is known to his friends was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, September 10, 1945. His mother was a school teacher and his father a realtor. Jim is now retired and lives in Nova Scotia with me (his wife) and our dog WiFi. I know what you’re thinking. He’s getting a very late start in writing, and you would be right. It has taken this long to convince him to get started. For the longest time while he was still working 10 hours a day, he always talked about writing a book but there just wasn’t enough time in a day to get going on it.

He often told me of a time in his youth when he and a friend took a road trip down to the states and I always found it to be an interesting story. So much so that I was always having him repeat the story to every new friend we came across.

When Jim finally retired I convinced him to start writing his story and with a lot of embellishment and a few new adventures he wrote a novel called Nineteen Sixty Three. It’s about two young men who take a Volkswagen beetle, a borrowed credit card and a small amount of cash and have a trip they’ll never forget.

After reading the book I found it was even better than when Jim told the stories of what happened on his trip. They come across new friends, possible murder and funny lights in the night, a little jail time and much more. It’s a good book with a good bit of adventure in it. I hope you check it out online at, you can also get it in paperback) and don’t have the link for this one but if you type in Nineteen Sixty Three or A J Hindle you should have no trouble finding the book).

I would also like to urge you to give a review on Amazon good or bad because Jim is starting a new book and it would be helpful in correcting what maybe didn’t work in the first book or keeping what was good.

Happy reading! Enjoy!


Colours of Spring

Spring is just about over and I have decided to share a few of my favourite photos from the season. Some are representing the beautiful colours of this time of year and others not so much. All of the photos are taken in my yard. I could have gone out and investigated all of New Minas for a multitude of the colours and sites of spring but I found such abundance of it in my own yard, I decided to stay home and take advantage of it. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.