Amazing Chalk Art!

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For this month’s post I want to show you some amazing chalk board art as well as chalk on sidewalks. I’m not going to have too many samples because there are just too many to show, but I’ll give you the web address for each of the samples I do show so you can check out these amazing artists. And for my header, this is my attempt at doing chalk art via Photoshop using images I have drawn and using pastel brushes to colour them in and putting them all together to create my little scene.

I’ve been wanting to feature this kind of art for a long time. In fact every time I go into my local pub, where they have chalk boards with martini’s or wine or whiskey bottles on them. They are so realistic and so fanciful it’s hard to believe that they are hand drawn. I’m sure that not all of these boards in restaurants are hand drawn what with the computer age the way it is but none the less there are some amazing artists out there doing it by hand.

Here are a few samples of chalk art that I quite like. Below each photo I have the web site that you can copy and paste into your search bar to see more information on each artist. Also if you just type chalkboard or chalk art into Google images you can see a myriad of photos.


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