Canadian Artist of the Month – Karine Beaudoin

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This month I am featuring an artist who works out of London, Ontario. I love the imagination of colours and perspective in her paintings. They are just adorable, if that’s not too simplistic a term. The colours are earthy yet bright. Well enough of my thoughts. This mini biography puts them into better words, so here is a little about the artist.

Karine Beaudoin was born in Quebec City, lived in Montreal, then Vancouver, and recently ended up in London, Ontario. As far as she can remember, Ms Beaudoin has always enjoyed drawing. At the age of 20, she dropped in an art supplies store and left with all the necessary material to paint and has never stopped painting since.

Ms Beaudoin is a self-taught artist who has painted everything from landscape to portraits, to rooms (including a bathroom), to… where ever her imagination takes her.
Her style: a curvaceous approach to line and colour and a playful perspective. She has done a few exhibitions in Montreal and Vancouver and showed in a few Galleries, Cafés and Community Centres. She says ” Every composition teaches me something… I tell stories with my art… People and places that belong only to me. And then to the one who look at it”. To learn more about Karine or see more of her art, visit her website.

Canadian Artist of the Month - Karine Beaudoin, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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